Bounty Hunter Beta Changes OSRS

Bounty Hunter Rework Feedback

Last week we opened the Bounty Hunter Rework Beta. Since then, we’ve had loads of feedback and suggestions which we’ve started working on. This week’s changes are designed to address three key points:

  • The minigame needs to be more rewarding.
  • The Beta doesn’t accurately represent the real Bounty Hunter minigame.
  • Loose ends caused by the rework.

We’d like to thank all the players who have played the Beta and given suggestions. We’re also grateful for the patience of Bounty Hunter players while the live minigame is paused. With your continued feedback, we’re confident we can get the Beta where it needs to be!

The Points System

The main feedback we received was that the new points system is not rewarding enough. To improve this, 3 points will now be awarded per kill, increasing to 4 and 5 when you begin a killstreak of 5 and 10. This scale was previously at 1, 2 and 3 points. This may still be adjusted further if needed.

Player Bounties

We would also like to make the tasks more rewarding by increasing how quickly they cycle and the points they award. We also have feedback changes to make to tweak the existing tasks and add new ones. These can be expected in an upcoming update.

Gear Chest, Presets and Stats

We’ve also made some changes to make the Beta a better simulation of Bounty Hunter in the live game:

  • Items in the chest have been limited to ones you’re more likely to find players using in the minigame. It also includes the Ornate Maul Handle.
  • The pre-built loadouts which are accessible via the chest have been made more realistic.
  • You can no longer customise your stats at the chest. Instead, we encourage you to use the pre-built setups mentioned above.

Special Attack Pool and Spellbook Switching

The energy pool and Prayer altar for changing spellbooks have been moved out of the Bank to be more accessible.

Emblem Trader’s Rewards Shop

All items in the Rewards Shop have been re-costed according to the new points system. The exception is the rune pouch which is dependent on the results of an upcoming poll to make it tradeable, reduce its cost in the Slayer points reward shop, and add it as a reward for other content.

Rune Pouches and Looting Bags

Because these items will be unavailable from the Bounty Hunter Rewards Shop for the duration of the Beta, we’ve made them accessible elsewhere. Slayer Masters now sell the rune pouch (to non-Ironmen only) for 1,500,000 GP and the looting bag for 30,000 GP. This is a temporary fix and will be reverted at the end of the Beta.

On the topic of the looting bag, we’re adjusting its drop rate from NPCs in the Wilderness. Previously NPCs always had a 1/30 chance to drop the looting bag. Now, this chance scales with the combat level of the NPC. You can expect to get a looting bag from a level 50 NPC at a rate of 1/6 and from a level 100 NPC at a rate of 1/3.

Ring of Wealth and Magic Shortbow Upgrade Scrolls

To alleviate the concerns of certain restricted accounts, these two upgrade scrolls have been added to the Wilderness Slayer loot table. They also remain in the Bounty Hunter rewards shop.

The roll that normally provides a Slayer’s enchantment scroll (used to enchant the Slayer staff) is now a roll that has a 3/6 chance to give the Slayer’s enchantment, 2/6 to give the Ring of Wealth and 1/6 to give the magic shortbow scroll.

We also want to make Clue Boxes accessible elsewhere – likely the Larran’s chest in the lower part of the Wilderness, however there wasn’t time to include it in this week’s update.

Dagon’hai Robes

The Dagon’hai Robe set has been added to Larran’s chest as a very rare reward. When opening the chest, you have a 1/256 chance to receive each piece. The stats can be seen below: