OSRS Bounty Crates

Bounty Crates

Ironmen can now buy Bounty Crates from the shop. The version they will receive contains limited supplies based on the items players can obtain for themselves after skilling up or completing requisite Quests.

For example, if you are an Ironman and the crate rolls anglerfish, but you only have the Fishing and Cooking levels to catch and cook a swordfish, the crate will give swordfish instead. Similarly, if the crate chose karambwan, but you hadn’t done Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, it would instead give a fish that you could have obtained for yourself.

The same applies to potions, by the way; if the crate rolled for a Super Restore potion, but your Herblore level was too low, it would substitute a lower-level potion instead.

The crates will still contain Death and Blood runes (which can always be obtained via shops) but will not contain Mysterious Emblems which would create easy access to large amounts of gold.

Trouver Parchment & the Rune Pouch

Trouver Parchment may now be used to protect the Rune Pouch.